Aetrex SaaS Options
License & Data
$150 /month, per scanner
  • Albert Software License & Regular Software Updates 
  • Albert CRM (Store & Customer Data Collection) 
  • Custom Control Panel 
  • 3D Printed Custom Orthotics Program (Albert 2 Pro Only) 
  • Standard Support Package (See below)

Standard Support
Scanner Repair
$0 /month, included
  • Comprehensive Training 
  • 7-Day/Week 1-800 Remote Support 
  • Aetrex sends prepaid shipping label 
  • Customer sends the scanner back for repair
  • Aetrex repairs scanner upon receipt 
  • Aetrex sends repaired scanner back to customer  
  • Process can take approximately 5-12 business days from receipt of damaged scanner to delivery of repaired scanner 
  • If customer requires a box for shipping, box charge is $40 + shipping cost, charged to customer 
  • All shipments are Ground 
Premium Support
Scanner Repair / Replacement
$10 /month, per scanner
  • Comprehensive Training 
  • 7-Day/Week 1-800 Remote Support 
  • Receive replacement scanner & prepaid label for shipping damaged scanner within 3-5 business days
  • Customer packages defective scanner (in original package or replacement box) and ships it back
  • Bill and Credit - Customer will be invoiced for replacement scanner plus shipping and will be credited back after Aetrex receives and inspects the defective scanner 
  • Aetrex inspect and review scanner for repair and damages 
  • If there is out of warranty damage done, customer may be responsible for the parts and labor cost

FitAI: FitStarter & FitGenius $50 /month, per scanner
FitStarter: In-Store AI Footwear Recommendation Program
  • Helps reduce returns and increases customer satisfaction. 
  • Matches unique 3D foot scan and footwear based on data collected from Aetrex’s Fit Lab. 
  • Aetrex Fit Lab will perform analysis of retailer’s footwear collection twice per year. 
FitGenius AI Platform: In-Store & Online Footwear Recommendation Platform  
  • After accumulating 5,000 matching data points, you will have the option to upgrade to FitGenius. 
  • Utilizes AI to match a consumer’s unique 3D foot profile with others with highly similar profiles.  
  • Custom recommends footwear based on the in-store purchase history of those other individuals. 
  • May be integrated into a retailer’s e-commerce platform.