Aetrex Fit Philosophy

The Five Pillars of Fit


Aim for Success in 3‐Dimensions

Your feet are 3-dimensional, and so are your shoes. So, there’s a lot more to getting the right fit than just length and width. For an optimal fit, all aspects of the foot need to be considered including: dorsal, plantar, anterior, posterior, medial and lateral.


Create an Equal Distribution of Pressure

An optimal fit provides an equal distribution of pressure throughout the gait cycle. This can be accomplished through total contact and by transferring pressure away from high pressure areas. Achieving this will help increase comfort and reduce chance for injury.


Provide Alignment & Support

An optimal fit reduces over-pronation and helps provide proper body alignment. Helping the foot stay close to the neutral position of the subtalar joint will also prevent excessive stretching of the plantar fascia and reduce stress to the knees, hips and back.


Deliver Customization through Material Technologies

An optimal fit protects the foot through customization and by providing cushioning and shock absorption. Choose orthotic materials that do not fight the foot, but instead customize or give way during the impact phases of the gait cycle.


Recognize the Shoe is a Variable

Sizing among brands and styles is never uniform, and an optimal fit is best achieved by trying on different sizes or through machine learning technologies that address the fit characteristics of particular styles. Sock thickness can also impact fit.

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