Albert 2 Pro Scanner

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Explore the cutting-edge features of our product with these technical specifications.

  • 4 Intel RealSense 3D Depth Cameras
  • Over 3.5 million data points used for 3D reconstruction
  • Pressure Measuring Area: 37 cm
  • 5,184 Gold Plated Pressure Sensors
  • 30 FPS for Dynamic scanning
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Size: 30.94" x 27.56" x 11.16"
  • 27" All-In-One Touchscreen Computer

Data Management

Foot scan data & retail store data for optimizing success

3D Measurement

Education section within the Albert Software

Static Pressure

Pressure data collected underfoot while standing

FitGenius™ AI Platform

ADD-ON: Reduce e-commerce returns with the right fitting footwear

Footwear Recommendations

ADD-ON: Best fitting shoes based on a customer’s 3D foot scan

Learning Center

Education section within the Albert Software

Dynamic Pressure

Pressure & gait data collected underfoot while walking

Orthotic Recommendations

Suggestions based on one’s pressure data underfoot

Gian Romero, Wild Runners

Jeff Stern, Rocky Brands
Senior Vice President & Brand GM

Justin Kehrwald, Tradehome
President & CEO

Ronnie Colman
Coleman Shoes, Princeton, KY

Hussam Irshad
Brand Distribution Manager, Andy Enterprises L.L.C. Dubai, U.A.E.

Zach Shanle
Peak Performance Footwear

Rugged Trade, New Mexico

Rugged Trade, New Mexico

Dane Simmons
Owner, Run In, Simpsonville SC

Cory Eilers
GM, Dallas Running Co, Plano, Texas

Bill Bulloch
GM, Rock City Running, Little Rock, AR

Karen Roberts
Owner, Get Fit, Amarillo, TX

Rick Dodgen
Director of Stores, Sun & Ski Sports

Dave Casamassa
Director Of Operations, The Sole Provisions Family of Stores

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