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Albert 2 Pro Creates A Truly Unique Experience In Store For Our Clientele

Albert 2 Pro Helps Us Design And Create Better Fitting Boots

Over 300 Athletes Scanned To Allow The Development Of Footwear Uppers That Positively Impact Athletic Performance


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What our Customers Say

"Aetrex’s Albert 3D foot scanner allows us to take our service to a completely different level. People are immediately impressed with the speed of the scan, the accuracy of the scanning results, and the next-step options provided by the technology."

Justin Kehrwald, Tradehome
President & CEO

"The personalized 3D foot data we are able to collect from the Albert 2 scanner is a gamechanger... With these benefits we exponentially lower our account’s risk and liability."

Jeff Stern
Senior Vice President, Brand GM at Rocky Brands, Inc., Lehigh Outfitters, LLC

"Albert 2 is an excellent tool to increase conversions in our stores... Aetrex Technology not only helps drive sales, it gives our customers extra confidence."

Hussam Irshad
Brand Distribution Manager
Andy Enterprises L.L.C. Dubai, U.A.E.

"The technology really helps with conversion... Once you get a customer on the scanner and you put an Aetrex Orthotic in one of their shoes- BOOM, the orthotics sell themselves!"

Ronnie Colman
Coleman Shoes, Princeton, KY

"We’ve noticed when a shopper’s confidence increases, the person buys more... we've seen a significant increase in sales after someone gets their feet scanned."

Gian Romero
Wild Runners: Fair Oaks, CA

“Aetrex Technology has one of the most effective and educational customer service teams I have ever worked with. They told me more about my feet in 5 minutes than anyone ever.”

Rugged Trade, New Mexico

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