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Describe some of the benefits you've experienced with the Albert 2 Pro.
“Although our customers really enjoy the foot scanning experience, the largest benefit to us as a retailer is having access to unique data about each customer. With detailed data, our sales associates are better equipped to help assist each unique customer based on their needs. The system provides us with information and data that you can’t get simply by looking at someone’s feet. Understanding someone’s gait or their pressure points underfoot helps us determine the likelihood for a foot condition down the road or where they may have pain. We are really offering a level of education that they can’t get anywhere else, and we are able to recommend the best products for each customer based on their foot scan to help them stay healthy on their feet.
The Albert 2 Pro creates a truly unique experience in store for our clientele. Customers love participating in the theater-like experience, seeing their feet in 3D and learning all the possible measurements and information about their feet. The scanner leaves a lasting impression on our customers. Often we see the same customers return to the store a few days later with friends and family members to try it out for themselves.”

How has the Albert 2 Pro helped increase your customer experience in store?
“At Comfort One we value customer service and strive to provide the best guest experience possible. Proof is in the results and interestingly enough, since implementing Albert 2 Pro our Google reviews have increased immensely! Nearly every single review mentions the scan analysis and how great the entire experience is. Since it has proven to be such a positive experience for the customer, we make sure to strongly encourage every employee to scan people who walk in.
We monitor how well our stores are scanning and how many scans are done per store and per sales person, and match it up against how many orthotics are sold. It’s a wonderful retail sales tool as well.”

How have you integrated the technology into your selling process and how has this helped to increase add-on sales in your store?
“Our sales have been pretty solid, but to reference this year versus last year to date, we are up 16.5% in Aetrex Orthotic sales. This is largely due to the fact that we scan everyone who comes into the store. Sales associates are graded on their scans and this helps encourage scanning every person who walks in. It’s a big part of our 10 step selling process.”


With detailed data, our sales associates are better equipped to help assist each unique customer based on their needs.
- Shawn O’Neill | Sr. Vice President at Comfort Management Corp

How does Albert 2 Pro help you provide quality customer service?
“One of our core brand values is exceptional customer service. So we pride ourselves on creating and delivering a very positive customer experience throughout the shopping process. We are able to provide a really unique and exciting experience in store with the Albert 2 Pro.
Customers are excited to learn about their different foot measurements and they see us as the authority to provide them with that information. In addition to a static scan which captures a customer’s 3D measurements and pressure data, the system has an option for a dynamic scan- which provides a gait analysis. This feature really adds to the theater and experience at retail. Many customers don’t know their actual foot size and when you provide pressure points and gait analysis to the list of metrics, they are blown away. It’s exciting to watch their eyes light up as they learn more about their feet and how to keep them healthy.”

Which features from the Albert 2 Pro have proven to be most helpful for your business?
“3D measurements, pressure data and gait analysis are definitely the three most invaluable aspects of Albert 2 Pro for our stores. Being able to show a customer their 3D measurements (such as the height of the foot), their pressure underfoot and their gait has really helped our teams establish themselves as experts to customers. It is a game changer to be able to help customers understand that their feet are 3D and so are their shoes. We show them why that’s important when shopping for orthotics or shoes to get the best fit. Gait is something people don’t think about, but it’s evident and shown via wear patterns on shoes. Understanding all of these elements helps customers realize exactly how important supportive footwear really is, especially when it fits well for their unique feet.”


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